Iida Hägglund aka Iida Aino is a Helsinki based award winning sound designer and composer. She is interdisciplinary artist as her artistic work also consists of writings, video art, photography and doodlings. Iida Aino is a Glasgow School of Art, Master of Design in Sound for the Moving Image, graduate and has worked in several projects including her own artistic work as well as short films, installations, theatre productions, tv programmes and adverts. Currently she works as a freelance artist and attends University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre School where she is studying her second Master’s degree in sound design for theatre and performing arts.

In 2021 Iida Aino has several exciting projects coming up varying from theatre and dance to short films to her own music and poems. She’s most excited about a new performance piece, concentrating on girlhood, she’s planning with her collective Hägglund Viipuri Collective. 

Iida Aino has also worked as an Assistant Dubbing Mixer (at Serious Facilities) while living in Glasgow, UK, and therefore she has good knowledge of the broadcast audio post-production work and offers also those services.

Adding to her creative abilities, Iida Aino’s technical skill-set includes voice-over, ADR, foley and music recording, mixing to R128 loudness standard, creating deliverables for UK and international broadcasters, location and field recording and running live theatre sound using QLab and Ableton Live. She has good knowledge of Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Reaper, QLab, Native Instruments and iZotope RX7 as well as basic knowledge of Max MSP, Unity, FMOD and Sibelius. Iida Aino also has experience in basic videography and video editing using Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve.

Iida Aino has deep love and interest towards spatial audio (5.1, binaural and ambisonic to mention some) and in the future she’s hoping to work more in this area of audio. Feminism is also very important part of her artistic practice and ideology and she has worked in several feminist projects. In her own artistic and academic work she is exploring feminist issues and concentrates specifically on investigating female gaze in sound design. Currently she is fascinated by the concept of girlhood and hidden and often erased or fetishised bodily sounds such as heart beat and breathing.


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